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How long do you play?

We are present on location for 2 hours with minimum one break, of which we play  1 hour of live music.
We need half an hour in advance for the installation of the PA and set up.

This is the SILVER (basic) formula. If you’d like to have us play longer, and hear all of our features, ask for a price quote through e-mail.

What do we need to install for you?

We have our own installation,  so all we need from you is:
– as many chairs as musicians you book, wooden chairs without armrests
– minimum  of two sources of electricity

What about accomodation?

We need a  covered location that is protected from wind and rain, with a minimum 18 degrees Celsius.
Please provide us with a warm meal and drinks, they keep us happy.

How can we book you?

Start by creating Your JazzPack and follow the simple steps on the screen.
You can also send us an e-mail with your specific requests.

What about transportation costs?

Transportation costs for concerts in Belgium are included in the price.
For concerts outside of Belgium, a flight/train ticket will be booked by our staf and will have to be paid for by you.